Why choose us

Our GEOMET®-coated discs offer superior corrosion protection, significantly increasing their durability. They are vented for a quick heat dissipation and even exceed manufacturers' standards. They are EPA-approved and compatible with all friction materials.

Geomet® coated

Superior corrosion protection


Compatible with all friction material


For a quick heat dissipation, increasing rotor lifespan

OE Fit & Quality

Meets or exceeds OE specs

GEOMET® (or more specifically GEOMET® 360) is a water-based chemical coating that is applied to brake rotors to help prevent corrosion. NOF Metal Coatings Group developed the coating in response to stricter environmental regulations and concerns. The resulting product is one that is used worldwide on more than 40 million brake discs per year.

The Benefits of GEOMET® 360

Prevents rust, ultimately making your vehicle look better

Unaltered braking performance

High-temperature resistance

Environmentally conscious

One of the key features of Geomet is that it is not greasy and it forms a very thin layer, which means your braking performance will not be affected.
Geomet can withstand up to 400°C (750°F) and still provide excellent corrosion resistance without crystallization during heat cycles or formation of organic resins. On top of all that, it’s environmentally conscious; There is no chromium in the solution, and since it is applied in a closed system, the leftover liquid is recycled.


Coated Brake Discs

Ceramic Pads

The Perfect Match

When paired with our Bremsen premium ceramic brake pads, they offer a perfect fit to improve your braking efficiency. Watch a video on how our brake pads are manufactured